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Stackable Triple IBC Spill Pallet

Stackable Triple IBC Spill Pallet
Designed to stack highly efficiently
    • Efficient secondary spill containment solution for 3 IBCs
    • The unique nestable design saves storage space and optimises handling and delivery
    • Available with or without platforms and dispensing stations
    • Central support always to be used when platform is in place
    • Tested for weight and hydrostatic loads
    • Compatible with most forklifts and pallet trucks (fork extensions may be needed)
    • Platform with hand inserts and viewing gaps for inspections and / or pump insertion
    • Remove IBC and empty spill pallet before moving
    • Capacities meet / exceed European, UK and US regulations
    • IBCs must always be facing forward, not to the side, when using a double spill pallet
    • All platforms black as standard
    • All central supports red as standard
    • Accommodates Jonesco Dispenser SJ-500-008
    • DIBt (Ü) approved – Download our DIBt (Ü) certified parts list here
  • Download PDF – SJ-535-YE TECHNICAL DATA – Click Here


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