8 US gal Spill / Drip Tray

    • 8 US gal litre spill tray available in a variety of platform colors
    • Ideal for storing small containers of chemicals in laboratories, workshops, stores, universities, schools, garages, farms etc
    • Platform with hand inserts and viewing gaps for inspections and / or pump insertion 
    • Slip resistant platform surface 
    • Can be used with or without platform
    • The unique nestable design saves storage space and optimises handling and delivery
    • Easy to clean
    • All trays black as standard
    • DIBt (Ü) approved – Download our DIBt (Ü) certified parts list here


  • Popular parts: ST1-30-YE-BK, ST1-30-BK-BK, ST1-30-GR-BK, ST1-30-B-BK.

Download product PDF – Green Tech Supply 



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